Voluntary Contribution Campaign

Supporting AGU

Each year, generous AGU donors support the advancement of the geosciences and help ensure that AGU can continue to make an impact well into the future. Through the campaigns below and others like it, we hope to uphold the tradition of AGU members guaranteeing the future — of our members and our science — but we need your help to achieve even more and grow even further.

Visit AGU’s Development pages for more information about any of the funds listed below.

You can also make your gift by mail or by calling the Development department at 202-777-7434.

  • AGU Unrestricted Fund

    VCC_145x188The AGU Unrestricted fund gives AGU leadership the flexibility to annually sustain publications, meetings, and outreach programs and to direct funds where they are most needed immediately.

  • AGU General Endowment Fund

    AGU-logo_145x188The General Endowment fund provides AGU leadership with the underlying funding which provides for the long-term health of the Union.

  • AGU Canada - Unrestricted fund

    Remote Western UgandaThe AGU Canada Fund supports projects and events which provide opportunities for Canadian AGU members to network and build community.

    Since its inception in 2006, the fund has received over $10,000 in support.

  • Annual Student Travel Fund

    SThe Annual and Endowed Student Travel Fund supports student members’ travel to AGU and partner meetings, providing opportunities for networking, scientific presentations, and experiences that shape and inform entire careers.


Other Donation Fund


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